Hot Chick Off Duty

March 4, 2010

Fabsugar’s Celebrities Dressed Up of Down-Red Carpet Edition has me inspired to talk about the  Hot Chick Of Duty (HCOD).  This HCOD look should be  in your toolkit as well, and eventually it will come naturally to you.  Basically, looking effortlessly hot even when you’re not glammed up really follows  some basic tenants which I’ll get to in my next post. Don’t worry I’ll break it down for you!  But for now take a look at some celebs doing their rush to coffee, salon, kids playdate and/or random meeting:  Zoe Saldana, Anne Hathaway, and Penelope Cruz as some of my favorites that have HCOD look.

View Fab Sugar’s Dressed Up of Down-Red Carpet Edition Slideshow


When I first heard about Vajazzling I thought really–WTH?! and WTH?! (That’s why and what)  But after thinking about it, I thought to myself, wow–this could be serious alternative if you want to dress things up if you’re barely there.  What am I talking about? Just take a gander at the video below from TheLuxurySpot –Don’t worry its totally SFW:

Ever do anything like this? I’m still getting used to stenciled  Brazilians….let me know what you’ve tried and what your man thinks at or comment below.

The Ultimate Smokey Eye

March 3, 2010

The Smokey Eye-is a MUST in your looking hot tool kit. You whip this out of your bag of tricks and trust me people will notice! Every time I do this, I get stares and major compliments from my boyfriend. Thing with the smokey eye is that opens your eyes and puts a turbo boost in your vixen-self.

So you’ve seen them on hot chicks every where, from Beyonce, Kardashian sisters and mom Kris, PCD has their version too–as does that girl at the MAC counter or even at your local CVS  giving you the sultry eye… Honestly though, I’ve always asked myself how to do they get it going  where they don’t look like a raccoon or someone with a black eye? Good question, after searching far and wide. I’ve complied a hit list on how to get it done in a no fuss no muss way. Of course there are so many variations of this but here are some GREAT tutorials on how to get it done. Now let’s get to Smokin’:

The Basic : The NO Eyeshadow version on how to get this done–You can use this version when you’re in a hurry or want to a less dramatic version for wearing during the day-Thanks MakeupEnvy

View the Basic No Eyeshadow Smokey Eye Video Click here to view

The Training Wheel Version: Only 2 shadows and that’s it!- Thanks macNC40!

View MACNC40’s tutorial with what I call The Training Wheel Version of a Smokey Eye

The Advanced: This version uses  4 Shadows  and multiple blending technique and Kim Kardashian herself walking you through it although she does have her artist doing all the work…I recommend mastering the Basic and The Training Wheel version before you attempt this.

Watch as Kim uses a more advanced multicolor technique to get the smokey eye and her basic face

BONUS: Kim’s other fav Make Up Artist Mario Dedivanovic gives are more evening version of the look . View Mario’s tips here

Don’t worry we’ll do a product haul for the smokey eye–while you practice the technique-werk!